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About Us

The Firefly Collection has been a long time in the making, an Australian brand that is ethically made with sustainable fabric and designed for the every day Boss Mumma and the little girl who looks up at her.

Gorgeous high quality fabric give this collection such a luxury feel, flattering and stylish cuts and darling prints makes The Firefly Collection your go to for all things swim. 

Its a range that represents love, fun and unity. The Firefly Collection is all about celebrating women. We want all the women in the world to unite and be proud of their bodies, for what they have done and for what they can do. We want you to share this with your daughter, niece and all the girls you impact, girls are not born hating their bodies, we teach them that. Tell your girls how much you love your body every single day! 
One women can make a difference but together we can change the world.

We promote supporting each other, helping each other and we are big on loving each other. Imagine a world where women were kinder to one another.... Can you even?
Compliment one woman everyday and watch her smile, it could be the best part of her day.

Remember a smiling woman is a confident woman and a confident woman is a beautiful woman. 

Be that woman, then watch your daughter become that woman.

Brave, Bold, Beautiful... Lead the way.